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SR-1 Silicon Rubber System

About the


About the product

Bi-component silicon rubber that cures at room temperature. Compatible with all gypsum, coatings, polyurethane resins, and acrylic resins.

  • Remarkable fluidity
  • High chemical resistance especially towards
  • Extremely high tear strength
  • High accuracy in producing very small details
  • High dimensional stability in time and deformability
  • Remarkable resistance to high temperatures and
  • Mold making
  • Model making
  • Art ceramic
  • Sanitary ware
SR-1 Epoxy system user Instructions:
  • Take the two bi-component products supplied (base and catalyst) and shake before
  • Weigh an equal amount of catalyst and base (within a 5% error range the result is not altered).
  • Once the product is weighed and it is assured that the base and catalyst are equal, the two components are inserted in a recipient and mixed
  • It is important to check while mixing that no residue remains on the base and sides of the Mix energetically until the color of the product is homogeneous.
  • Once the product is mixed it is poured, preferably 30cm above the recipient into the 6-  It is advised to vacuum the mixture to prevent air pockets.
  • If the quantity used is less than what is needed, complete the hardening of the silicon and t hen proceed with the additional quantity required (within 24 hours from hardening of the first mold). The additional quantity attaches to the silicon without altering the
  • After the setting time is over, we can separate the model from the If necessary, use compressed air to facilitate separation. It is important not to force this separation with sharp objects that can deform the final stamp.
  • The working time and the setting time are reduced if temperature exceeds 23°C. If the temperature is less than 23°C both the working time and setting time increase.